Two shy people dating online dating stalker meme pictures

11-Dec-2017 10:54

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That's why I recommend to do more stuff together, the more things you do, the more you can talk about it and etc. I would say more sex, less talk..........seriously tho, im the opposite of both of you & so is my gf & I would say that if you dont communicate, its gonna be a very boring relationship.

I know you dont wanna break up but when/if you do, I suggest you find the opposite of shyness next time.

It seems like you are relying on him to start it up.

If you want more conversation, you have to make it!

I don't think you guys are shy, you just don't have much in common.

Everything is great, hes really good to me..only problem is that we are both really shy/quiet people so sometimes when we're together its like pulling teeth to actually have a conversation. Same here, the problem was she relied on me to instigate conversation..I had a friend that was really shy & could only talk to girls when he was hammered.To tell you the truth, I dont think hes ever had a gf & hes 38 years old & I blame his shyness, way too shy & it comes from his over protecting mother growing up. Anyway, why dont you guys try playing board games together & stuff like that.i just run out of things to talk about, i guess time apart doing your own thing helps.

If the problem is just shyness, spending more time together and becoming more comfortable in each other's company should help the issue.

Well I know it might sound a bit too "good clean fun", but bowling!!

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