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To fully wind a watch requires 15 to 25 full 360-degree turns (this will vary depending on the watch).

Turn the crown clockwise until it stops abruptly and cannot be wound any further.

A manual-wind timepiece should be wound until resistance is felt and the crown will no longer turn clockwise, whereas an automatic watch can be found forever without risk of damage.

Your fully wound watch will run for at least 24 hours.

These watches are rugged; do not be afraid of “overwinding”. Automatic (Perpetual, Self-winding) Timepieces Automatic watches have a small rotating weight inside the movement which spins around when you move your arm and winds the spring which runs the watch.

If you wear an automatic watch every day for 6-10 hours and are reasonably active within that period of time, it will still be running when you put it on in the morning, because the movement of your arm will build up an 8-10 hour winding reserve.

Receipient’s address must be Brazil to use instalment Description: Made of titanium, redwood and metal, this chopstick are the good helper for your healthy life.If you are sufficiently active while wearing the watch throughout the day (for at least an 8-hour period), the watch should maintain a power reserve for between 24-36 hours. Turn the crown forward (clockwise) with a long stroke.

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