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One of the problems that Han faces is how to develop a relationship with Leia further than just a celebratory kiss.He tells Wedge about his insecurities in dating a princess and how he hopes that the military success will earn his spot next to her. Eventually, with the help of Wraith Squadron, Zsinj is dealt an overwhelming defeat at Kuat.Of course, that means he needs to succeed — and Warlord Zsinj is in his way. A vain and calculating man, Zsinj has carved out a kingdom in former Imperial space. It appears that Zsinj is defeated once and for all, and Han can return to Leia, a successful military strategist and hero once more.Of course, this is STAR WARS, so things aren’t quite that simple.While the new trilogy is obviously expanding on what happened, it takes place years in the future. The Death Star is destroyed, the Emperor is dead, but that doesn’t mean things are smooth sailing. Han and Leia kiss — but that’s not exactly a binding agreement.

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Whether through sheer luck or the will of the Force, in this game Han wins a planet — Dathomir.

The New Republic struggles to convince more planets to join them.

Leia travels to the mysterious Hapes Consortium to ask them to accede to the New Republic.

In the wealth of material produced and authorized by Lucasfilm, there are stories and characters galore to suit any taste.

So in this edition of Character Spotlight, I’m going to introduce you to the craziest characters you’ve never met — the Force-Witches of Dathomir, who are introduced in Dave Wolverton’s excellent novel Things may seem pretty well wrapped up at the end of RETURN OF THE JEDI.

Unfortunately, Leia informs him that he has been swindled — Dathomir is deep in Imperial space.