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Finally there seems to be some tiny glimmer of political interest in changing gun laws on Capitol Hill, with a bipartisan group of senators introducing legislation regarding background checks.Mr Trump mocked opponent Marco Rubio mercilessly throughout the campaign about a number of things, but the water skit was one of his favourites.The stories can't be proven decades later of course, but at what point does a series of credible, similar stories from a group of women become enough?I've been pondering these questions this week in Alabama, where I've been speaking to people about Mr Moore, attending his events and getting insights into his life and career. Largely, Alabamians who I spoke to see a political witch hunt to bring down an ultra-conservative evangelical Christian who has long been a thorn in the side of authority.Another who was 16 says he offered her a lift home and then groped her in his car.A Sears shop assistant who was a senior in high school says he actively pursued her despite her resistance and then called her at school, asking her on a date when she left trigonometry class to take the call in the principal's office.

The general consensus here is to let the voters decide in the special election in December. Republicans are said to be working on a hairbrained scheme whereby they urge voters to write-in Attorney-General Jeff Sessions instead of Mr Moore. Sessions isn't said to be all that interested because being the Attorney-General was a lifelong dream, but he's been out of favour with the President since he recused himself from the Russia investigation, which leads us to the next thing. He should step aside and let someone take his spot on the ballot who doesn’t prey upon young teenage girls as a grown man.”Mr. Zeldin tweeted: “It’s about time for that creepy Roy Moore dude to exit stage left.Ms Tweeden says she didn't do this to make Senator Franken stand down from his Senate seat — although she said that might change if more women come out accusing him of similar misdeeds. ) and they may be on the cusp of passing a big one after the $US1.5 trillion tax cut passed the House today.

It's being sold as a middle-class tax cut, but under the proposal, those provisions will sunset by 2026, while the corporate tax rate cut from 35 per cent to 20 per cent will be forever (however long that is these days).

And yet, such allegations against Donald Trump didn't stop him from getting elected.

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