Shotgun approach to online dating

11-Dec-2017 21:24

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But in mutual disinterest —and with an inbox of 126 unopened messages— I realized this was an even worse plan.

It wasn’t worse just because I found the responses to be boring, but because I had become bored with a tool I used to sharpen my understanding of social dynamics.

I’ve had a dating profile for about a decade that I have never taken very seriously.

I’ve written all kinds of stuff on it in these 10 years, stuff about me that was light and funny, even stuff that was completely not representative of me.

This is something I have found intriguing and have been testing since I was a teenager.

My insatiable curiosity on the subject matter was halted, and had stalled out.

In a noisy club in Las Vegas, a professional gambler pulled a sawed-off shotgun out of his jacket, racked it, and looked around to see who recognized the ratcheting sound and turned their heads.With the rise in popularity of online dating websites and mobile applications, people are "swiping right," or expressing interest in an individual, based on much more than simple physical attraction.People have different behavior and tactics while looking for love online.I hate small talk, I’m upfront, I have an off-beat sense of humor, and a soft spot for men who can make me think and make me laugh with uncouth, un-PC jokes.

Most importantly, I need someone who isn’t going to get overwhelmed by someone like me when most people do. However, instead of toning it down to collect more bees with honey (as the axiom goes) as most people do, I saw this as another opportunity for an experiment.

I changed my essays to short and sweet to show how little stock I put into the whole thing.

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