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Maybe you want to run a gritty urban game where combat is dangerous, but if the rules don't make combat dangerous your players will happily dive into fights. You probably don't want a game that has fifty pages of combat rules and a single page on social interactions. That's a functional game, but it doesn't really match most of fantasy literature where each magical item is treasured.

The system also tends to assume plenty of down time for wizards to copy spells and craft magical items, a weakness if you're planning on a high tension campaign where the characters are always on the move.

Unfortunately I haven't organized all of my thoughts yet. I see explorers, achievers, sight-seers, combat monsters. Ensure players have a sense of what they're up against.

Never take view the players or the characters as adversaries to be worked against. Equally bad is having the players run scared from everything. If your plot requires that the villain get away the first time the players encounter him, you're setting yourself up for a fall.

If the player characters aren't directly involved they are just watching a story, which isn't much of an RPG.

Is your game system actually supporting the type of game you want to run? Maybe you want to run exciting pulp action, but if your rules set makes combat dangerous and frequently deadly you're not going get a lot of pulp fights with lots of risks taken. To take D&D for an example, the game system assumes that characters will build up a collection of magical items, replacing them as they become more powerful.

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For the benefit of my readers who don't get out much: Role playing games are a popular form of amusement in which players assume the identity of fictional characters and embark upon adventures.

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But I never met such a person, and I began to be a little suspicious of the stories.The markers of time and place in their speech (words like "now" and "here") consistently refer to the imagined fantasy rather than the real world.In times of intense focus of the game, many role players express and feel the emotions that their imaginary characters would feel.When you're trying to create such a scene, you're pitting your own mind against the combined minds of all of our players.

Inevitably there will be at least one small hole in your plan, and the players have a good shot at finding it. Have backup plans, villains, and plot twists to handle the situation.While it's not impossible that there are such people, I've come to believe that they must be vanishingly rare. My guess is that a role-player is likely to tell such a story to affirm that although there are people who confuse the fantasy of the game with the real world, he (or she) is not one of them.

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