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26-Dec-2017 18:18

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The affair reportedly resurfaced in 2014, when Scipioni was going through a divorce.

The school district got an anonymous phone call from someone claiming to have knowledge of the 2004 relationship.

Their physical relationship continued through that summer but ended when the young woman went to college.

Rumors of their relationship circulated in the district at the time, and Scipioni eventually stepped down from his coaching position.

The district appealed that ruling in the Lebanon County Court of Common Pleas and won, as the arbitrator’s decision was reversed in April of 2016.

“The facts of this case remain undisputed,” Domencic said in the statement.

After a series of hearings, in August 2015 an arbitrator ruled in favor of Scipioni and ordered that he should be reinstated after being suspended for one year without pay and benefits.