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05-Aug-2017 20:27

The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) also has a list of skin creams that exceeded the FDA limit for mercury upon testing.In 2004, New York City’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene conducted an investigation and had the mercury content of several store-bought skin-lightening products analysed (see page 3 of this pdf for the product list and their mercury content).Perhaps most shockingly is that these startling facts aren’t enough to deter everyone. Many have asked about the safety of specific creams in the comments section below – i.e.Skin whitening forums are rife with sellers insisting they have the “real” St Dalfour whitening cream, as opposed to the “fake” ones. Like the bulleted text list above, the below table is I’ve received fake comments from someone posing as different people (“Lars Darby”, supposed “CEO” of St Dalfour Whitening Cream “Maria”, a commenter selling the “original” St Dalfour cream). whether this or that cream is safe or if it contains mercury.Some skin lightening ingredients work extremely well in the short-term, but are dangerous to our well-being and the long-term health of our skin. While the use of mercury in skin lightening creams have been banned for some time now, they are still produced and sold.Below is a list of known skin lightening creams that contain dangerous levels of mercury (more than 1 ppm or one part per million).In one case, skin lightening creams sold in white plastic jars with no labels were found to contain 5.6% or 56,000 ppm of mercury (2010/11 Health Alert from California’s Department of Public Health, with picture). Dalfour whitening cream not only stole an existing European jam company’s brand name St.

It was still new on the shelves and didn’t find many reviews for this particular line. You can follow up with a night cream after this, but I skip the night cream as this serum is more than enough for my skin.

11 tested positive for high levels of mercury (download pdf).

Later in October 2011, the same group screened 25 brands and found that 19 contained 1,395 ppm to 52,100 ppm of mercury (none listed mercury as an ingredient).

The list of creams, lotions and soaps below are only the ones I’ve found, so it’s an inclusive list.

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In other words — just because a cream is not listed here, it doesn’t mean they’re safe and that they are free of mercury. If you know of a cream, lotion or soap that has tested positive for mercury, let me know in the comments section below.

In May 2010, the Chicago Tribune had 50 skin-lightening creams tested at a lab (most of the creams were bought in stores, a few were ordered online).

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