Northwestern university dating scene

15-Jul-2017 03:57

At my school I was definitely beyond my comfort level as an Asian American, but living 'outside the box,' so to speak, strengthened my identity." (Ball State University, Muncie, IN) "I attend an institution where the Asian student population is not even in the single-digit region.

However, I am used to being the only Asian person in most all I do and attend.

Though sometimes I miss the University of Cali Asian scene sometimes, Northwestern University is a good blend of Asian American activism and community." (Northwestern University, Evanston, IL) "The University of Maryland is not perfect and with such a large school, hate crimes are bound to happen.

As ironic as it might sound, these hate crimes have forged a stronger coalition amongst all the different communities and allowed us to fight such social injustices with a burning passion." (University of Maryland, College Park, MD) "I used to be a part of the Asian American Association on the MU campus, but recently have lost contact with the group because of their increasingly extremist views.

Not surprisingly, the results seem to show that among universities, most of the best colleges for Asian Americans are located in the west (particularly in the University of California system), where the majority of Asian Americans live.

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Sometimes the case is that other ethnicities aren't racist, the prejudice and bigotry comes from those who are of one's own racial group." (Brown University, Providence, RI) "Self-segregation among Asians is the largest factor leading to lack of integration into the main student body.I feel students who go where they feel comfortable will have a more difficult time reaching their full potential.

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