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But since the law and the ones that make money on your suffering and even death, dont allow me to treat you the way I know would produce results, I legally cannot even tell you what to do or not to do.That’s how the medical profession and pharmaceutical industry protects their Trillion Dollar Cancer Industry.I retired from working with patients for 2 reasons: One was the constant restrictions and attacks from the government, pharmaceutical companies, and the medical industry.

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I would achieve this easily with the m that was created after my historical use for my patients. Very often a correlation between cancer and fungus / Candida overgrowth is mentioned in the medical world. I would buy a cheap juicer such as the Jack Lalanne model and have a lot of fresh juice with a lot of greens added. **In severe cases I would add oxygen therapy and or 35% hydrogen peroxide therapy.

To this day, not a single doctor has tried to earn the million dollars.

I could fix the health care crisis in America within 4 years! The bodyguards of the Medical and Pharmaceutical profession, and the FTC and FDA will make sure you will never get the natural assistance and treatment that could help or even cure you in a very short amount of time.

Its my opinion that the “chemical doctors” do not have a cure and in my opinion most people would be better off without treatment than with all of the cutting, poisoning or burning.

The promotion of early detection, saying it will save your life or breast is, in my experience, a blatant lie.

I have seen it as family member, son and grandson from the start until it killed my relatives.