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This is a wonderful website I will definitely revisit. We could see the flames from it from our house on Wood St, by Lincoln School. Can't believe it has been 35 years ago, when it seems like just yesterday. Reunion to be held September 22 and 23 in conjunction with Homecoming. It was great reading the article about Stu Levenick. and Mom now lives in Metamora so we won't be staying there anymore. It was never perfect but it taught us all how to survive. Great site Don, Really enjoy looking at the pictures of Washington's early years. The little girl in the front row on the right is Virginia Waughop.

I didn't make it back for the 35th reunion since we were in the midst of starting a new business, but I'm looking forward to the 40th. David Lockwood I enjoyed looking at yearbook and other pictures. Tom and I loved get up real early and take walks around town, even in the cold of winter, and then stop at Tally Ho for coffee or light breakfast before walking back to Lynn St. Washington has changed a lot, but memories keep it familiar. My brother Ed road out Katrina in the hall way of his house for 5 hours. Are there any pictures of the old movie house on the square out there? I am almost sure that the girl you have identified as Mary Jo Faubel is actually Barbara Schrock. I don't know the next one but the last one is Jim Lanxton and next to him is Mrs.

Let me study it more and I will try to name some of the girls. These pictures bring back some pretty good memories of more innocent times. I have been married for 34 years to Dave Hopper('69) and have three adult children. I was surfing on internet last night, and decided to check with .. :) I think I might have some school pictures to send to post on website.... We liked each other in high school, and I've lost contact with him. I have a 1972 yearbook if you need one to scan, etc. Still remember that black crawdad on the Orange helmet I believe it was our freshmen year on the football squad). Married Vicky Wietzel in 1976 who used to live on Grant St. Also if anyone knows where David Cherry is (student at school) let me know. I am thoroughly enjoying this Website and can assure you I will be visiting it again.

We operate an embroidery/screenprinting shop in Peoria. Please e-mail me (anyone) at [email protected] say hello. If anyone knows where I can reach him, please let me much.... Will be in Washington 6/16 thru 6/19 visiting my dad Gus. Washington Il., she moved to Peoria before high school and graduated from Peoria Central High. Over the past several weeks, there has been a deluge of postings on this page from websites advertising online poker and backgammon. If your summers are too warm where you are why not come north to Calgary?

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No one really knows much about it, like when and why it closed and if that machine company is still under ownership of it. Max Clary has set up a Facebook page and Doug Opper will be adding his 2cents. My brother Gregg Brush (class of 67) died suddenly in his sleep on Sept. I notice in the yearbook of 1967 that his name is misspelled. If anyone knows of her whereabouts, please let me know. I know there was another Michael Kelley, but my dad grew up in the country on Liberty Lane and he had 2 sisters and 4 brothers. All my neighbors and a few brothers went to WACOHI, but I was bussed to the Academy in Peoria. In the first row on the far right is Kari Schmidgall.

My own yearbooks were very special to me, and I would have held on to them always; however, now they are lost forever since about 1982 (a long story), although not of my own doing. I just visited the 1970 yearbook and was looking through the seniors...

;-)I'm attending the Class of '54's 55th reunion October 2nd and 3rd; I will be bring along my '51 and '52 yearbooks which seem to be missing from the Website collection. CLASS of 1969: This is another Big Thank You to Patty Wagner & Ray Lott for putting together the upcoming 40th Reunion of the Class of '69. If your entry was not posted to the guestbook since January 2008, please try again. Thanks to Sandy Davis for contacting me about the problem! I have been able to get in touch with a few classmates through Facebook. If anyone as been in touch with Pat Melton please tell him I said Hello and to look me up on I still keep in touch with some but have lost track of many. John Mc Lees shared this site with me when he came to a meeting in Atlanta. I just learned about this site yesterday in Washington at Denhart's Baking Company and Restaurant on the square. I really loved looking back at the past and want to thank you for all the memories. My sister went there as a freshman in 1969 and she would have graduated in 1973. The last post here is from Ed Faubel just before Hurricane Katrina destroyed almost all of the city that he lives in!I found the site while web surfing on a snowy night here in Nova Scotia. I use the remnants of what I learned with her when we have French speaking visitors at our winery! I just want to mention what a great job Dee does with this site -- as everyone has seen . I can't express how much that means to me, to be able to see those photos I thought I would never see again because of no longer having my yearbooks. Weeks the girl labeled "Jan" on the top row is Jan Lietz.Spent at least an hour looking at photos of Washington and old yearbooks. If everyone didn't realize there are a ton of WACOHI alumni on Facebook, you who haven't checked it out - should. Started looking at the site after a long phone conversation with Steve Towry last night that brought back a lot of memories. Hey, everybody from the Class of 1970, I'm looking forward to the next reunion... Got a note from a good friend who still lives in town. Also, in the '66 pictures a girl's name should be "Mildred Lott".) Come out as early as you feel like getting your old selves moving around. I grew up in Washington and lived there from 1959 until 1983. Looking at this web site, however, convinces that my family and I need to make the trip back sometime soon. Her home and museum are there, it is where she wrote all the "Little House" books and it is an interesting place. Shortly after I graduated (1971), and for a brief time, Maureen and I were sisters-in-law. I looked thru the pictures and we all look different these days.

I just graduated WCHS last year and I'm trying to find out some more information about Pleasant view school just outside of town. Husband Steve and I are doing great and our son Chris lives in Chicago, sister Monica "74" still lives in Albuquerque NM. Everyone is doing fine, just getting a little older - you know. A few of us are in the planning stages of a 30th class reunion at Homecoming 2009. But if someone reads this maybe they may know who can. I am no longer married to a Miller, but I'd love to get hold of Maureen. I was wondering if anyone has any stories about my dad, Michael E. I am not sure what year he graduated, but he was 42 in 1985 when he died of a MI. Also, I am told the fella in the Washington Co-op picture whom is unidentified is Ben Nofsinger. Hi Don, In the first picture of a Pleasant View first grade class.

While I have the Yearbook photos, I don't have any photos from my old Grade School, John Hensey. Thank you for this site and ESPECIALLY for the yearbooks.