Japanese dating site for gaijin in japan

22-Aug-2017 11:15

Actually if there's a straight-up free Japanese relationship site comparable to Ok Cupid I'd like to know as well.Some people still think of dating sites as weird but I don't.I don't see anything wrong with using dating sites and obviously since he is hoping to actually date women then he's not planning on being a hermit.A lot of people meet their spouses online nowadays. I already have ideas for that stuff (and was doing them when I lived there).These always seemed weird to me in the past, but now that I'm well out of school and not meeting many new people through work, they make a lot more sense to me. And maybe more importantly, have they become normal in the way they're becoming in the U. (in other words, are there not only crazy people but also normal/sane people using them)?I've searched this forum and elsewhere a bit, but the main ones I've seen seem to be all in English and targeted at foreign men and gaijin-hunter-ish women.

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I lived there for a couple years before, and while I loved it, I don't think I branched out enough socially, so that's something I'm thinking about for next time. S., I've started to use some of the popular dating sites (okcupid, etc.).I'd much rather find some sites in Japanese, with a greater variety of people.I've used Mixi a little, but from what I've seen it's not really targeted at meeting new people.I'm going to try to check out some language exchange sites again, but those also seem a bit different from what I'm looking for, since they're so focused on studying/language, as opposed to meeting people, dating, etc.

I'm not only looking for dating sites, but also ways of meeting friends in general.

And yes, I know I'll have to build up my social life once I'm already in Japan, and not on the Internet. has a friends section where you can post ads, or respond to peoples', and so on.