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25-Nov-2017 08:31

We walked up to the bar, "Hey Joyce, what are you doing here at Jaco's and where is Frank?

I was just about to suggest to John that we should leave and resume our quest for the night when he surprised me by asking, "Joyce, would you like to go somewhere more private with Pat and me to relax and forget about your troubles for a little while? I was shocked and had not given any thought to trying to hit on the boss's wife. Frank was in his early forties and Joyce was about five years younger than our boss.

John and I laughed at the right places even though we had seen the movie many times and Joyce was really enjoying it. She tilted her head back to give him better access and let out a gentle moan.

Finally we got to the scene where the movie started to change. Soon he reached up and firmly cupped one of her breasts in his hand. He pulled her blouse aside so one of her braless tits came out and he started sucking on her hardened nipple. "This is getting pretty nasty." Then a second man came into the scene. He pulled the other tit out and started sucking it while the girl reached out and took his prick in her hand and started stroking it.

Joyce looked at them, "I don't know if I should have another one. He sat back down next to Joyce and pushed the play button.

I've already had three and I don't drink that much usually." John handed one to her, "One more won't hurt. The first ten minutes or so was strictly GP rated and very funny.While Joyce started blowing me, John took the chance to strip out of his clothes. The one single guy said that he was already making it with two bi girls and that he would pass, at least this time.