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As well as walking at a brisk pace, many tend to gulp their food and drink down quickly, even when enjoying a romantic dinner at a nice restaurant.It’s not that they don’t appreciate etiquette – they are just so used to getting one thing done and moving onto the next thing that they forget to ever break this pattern.[Read: 10 signs your negative thinking is turning into a bad obsession! Since they are so driven to be productive at every moment, Type As hate waiting for other people *or even things! Long line-ups, delays on the road due to construction, and lengthy wait times at restaurants tend to annoy them.Sometimes, you can’t do anything about these minor annoyances, but these Type A pet peeves are just something to keep in mind when you’re planning what you’ll do on your next date, as well as deciding on the time of day you’ll do it at. Relaxing generally isn’t the Type A’s favorite activity, and being relaxed definitely isn’t their natural state.When a Type A date says they’ll arrive somewhere at 4 pm, you won’t catch them strolling in at or later. Being frequently late for dates with your Type A is one way to get dumped pretty quickly, or at least receive numerous scoldings.#2 They may come off as aggressive in conversation.

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If you’re dating someone who is a Type A, you’re just going to have to accept that they may spend long hours at the office, even on the weekends, and may not always be available to chat. – The right way to make the perfect choice for you] #4 They want to accomplish everything quickly and correctly.* that may seem ridiculous to you, but humor them as much as you can – being able to control their environment makes them feel secure and happy.Another possibly annoying trait stemming from their need to be correct is that they tend to anticipate what could go wrong in any situation.Even if they’re not loud in voice, their actions tend to “speak” loudly.

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When we consider our childhood friends from Winnie-the-Pooh, a Type A person is definitely more of a Rabbit than a Winnie. Type B individuals are normally quite relaxed, peaceful, and slow-moving, letting things happen instead of making them happen like their Type A counterparts do.

Some theorists have recently entertained the idea that there are two more personality styles, Type C *thoughtful, critical, detail-oriented and cautious introverts* and Type D *change-resistant followers who avoid taking responsibility and don’t show a lot of emotion*.