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Below is an example of how a date is written using Balinese numerals (date: 1 July 1982, location: Bali): Assimilation in Balinese occurs with-in the word.Balinese script represents assimilation occurred, however Latin script sometimes may not represent this.The three types of diacritics are pangangge suara, pangangge tengenan (pronounced As first romanization of Balinese Language was developed during Dutch Colonial Era, letter e represents sound [ə] and letter é represents sound [e] and [ɛ] as in Van Ophuijsen Indonesian and Dutch orthography.After 1957, sounds [ə], [e] and [ɛ] are represented with e as in current Indonesian orthography with exception for new learner and dictionary usage. Compared to Devanagari, bisah is analogous to visarga, cecek to anusvara, and adeg-adeg to virama.In general, alveolar consonants are assimilated into palatal, retroflex or labial.There are more specific descriptions in assimilation combination: Latin script transliteration into Balinese script is based on phonetics.

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When they are attached to the independent letters, they affect the pronunciation.The consonants can be arranged into Sanskrit order and hanacaraka traditional order.