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01-Sep-2017 00:58

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Do you want the other person to have sex with other people while they have sex with you?The two of you may also choose be exclusive out of respect for one another and safety. You may choose to see them exclusively to see how things progress without without the distraction of dating anyone else.Exclusivity = boyfriend/girlfriend Some people will try to twist and squirm obnoxiously that there is a "difference", but reality is that is not the case. No one realistically does that, but people often talk about if they want to become girlfriend/boyfriend. I myself see the labels of "dating exclusively," and "boyfriend/girl friend" to be referencing two almost entirely separate things.I have known tons of people, including right here in these very forums, who have talked about having more than one boyfriend or girlfriend.

As I said, a distinction is made occasionally when we talk. Talk to your boyfriend to get things squared away!!!I personally see that a boyfriend / girlfriend label as a more committed term.The gentleman above me I think has similar thoughts to myself, but is rather more talented in explaining them.Bottom line, with reference to your area of interest OP, never assume anything each of you say means the same thing, until you verify that it does.

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There has never been any such thing as a truly authoritative source for the meanings of any word.

If so, a thousand interpretations of a labels meaning is not going to help. I am curious if other guys make the same distinction since I've been out of the dating scene for an embarrassingly long time. You become bf/gf when you don't have to call up for dates and you just assume that you'll be spending time together except when one of you has something planned for which the other cannot be included for some reason.