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27-Jun-2017 18:34

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"I would've expected mobile to drop off much, much faster than desktop.These rates seem to imply that the first positions on a mobile results page are less significant than we thought. " Ian Lurie - Portent One might assume that when users are making generic searches on Google, they end up making a brand selection from the results retrieved."These numbers serve as a useful reminder of the importance of organic rankings, and reconfirms the importance of the top few positions on Google.Although the first spot is still the most valuable for CTR, it seems to have become less so.It is important to mention that these numbers reflect the CTR across all the searches included in this study.They do not account for the user intent, the features that appear in the SERP, or whether the keywords used in the search included a brand name.They choose from the handful of options received, the source of information or provider to trust in for satisfying their need. If the users are clearly looking for information related to a specific brand, will they follow the same behavioural pattern as for generic searches?For branded searches the first result is almost always associated with the brand's website, which makes it the obvious choice for most users and very hard to miss.

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Let's see if that is the case: Not only is the CTR slightly lower on the first page, but the CTR for mobile searches actually rises on the 2nd and 3rd page, which is opposite to what we would expect and see from mobile searches.It all started when AOL released more than 20 million search queries made by more than a half-million users in 2006.A number of studies followed after that, including those from Enquiro (now Mediative) in 2007 and later by Chitika and Optify in 2010.I'd guess that part of the reason is that the increased use of ads, universal search results and Google's own comparison and shopping results have reduced the prominence of top slot." Mobile traffic is getting bigger and bigger day by day.

Here we can see the CTR for searches coming from mobile devices compared with the searches from desktop devices.This study measures the CTR that was observed for a special time frame (within the month of July 2014).

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