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I think deep down we both knew the real reason it wasn’t working out with Kathy. Steve knew the thing with Kathy had to end, he knew what he wanted, and I knew what I wanted too.I would have to end my, very unhappy marriage, and try to escape it to be free.I could feel the heat from his body as I surrendered completely to the embrace.In that instant, I knew the feeling’s I had for him were reciprocated.Steve started working more, and things began to get back to normal.

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I figured I would tell him everything about my marriage then, and how scared I was of my husband. I got out of the car to say goodnight and he hugged me like he never wanted to let me go.He pulled me into his arms, kissed me passionately, and said to me, “Right, I’m going to tell her it’s over, tonight, I can’t take it anymore.Sarah, it’s you I want, and if I have been reading this right, I know you feel the same.” I looked at him, “Steve, you know I do, I just didn’t know if I should say anything.” We did everything but make love right there in the car. He told me I was incredibly sexy, and he wanted me, so badly, but he had to end it with Kathy first.I saw the realization on Kathy’s face, she knew what was coming, and she knew why.

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She was slim, kind of pretty, younger than me, and a professional stripper.

Quadriplegic love lasts and I was about to find out just how long.