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16-Aug-2017 11:01

I know how hard they work because I’m doing it too, and I know why we do it.

We do it so we can run our own businesses on our own terms, and most importantly so we can keep the money we earn, rather than turning over a huge percentage to the cam sites that would bring us traffic if we worked for them.

This will take a load off your conscience, and may perhaps mend the relationship by bringing your concerns to light. I’ve gone out of my way to avoid it to the point that I’d just take it if someone was treating me disrespectfully or wasn’t taking me into account. A few years ago, I called up my ex-best-friend that I had stopped talking to a couple years prior, and apologized for abruptly ending the relationship without explanation.

Family is forever, but that doesn’t mean you need to let them hold you back from enjoying life! Make sure that the reasons you’re cutting ties are the right ones, and that it’s not a way to further isolate yourself or prove to yourself that you don’t deserve goodness in your life.

I love my job and I have a ton of funny stories to share (and I hope a little knowledge to drop), so I created this lil site to write it all down. I truly think those of us that work this niche are extraordinarily badass, and I want all of y’all out there who are into cam sex to know that too!

I love being a skype camgirl and I have a ton of respect for all the women with whom I share this niche.

I’d love to introduce you to this awesome form of webcam sex.

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Part of the purpose of this independent camgirl blog is to introduce skype cam sex and independent camgirls to as many cam show fans out there as I can.