Etiquette for dating after death of spouse

12-Aug-2017 09:19

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While we have only one mother, one father, and one spouse (at least at any given point in time), it is not uncommon to have several siblings.Therefore we are more exposed to sibling deaths than to other losses.In contrast to this, however, there is a failure to appreciate the significance of brothers and sisters in adult life.

When you lose a brother or sister in adult life, you experience many of the same losses as you would if you had lost that sibling in childhood.

When these relationships are taken into account, even more dramatic influences are apparent.

As we naturally seek security, attention, and love from our parents, it is only normal that we perceive our brothers and sisters as competitors for these precious parental commodities.

There are special characteristics unique to the sibling bond.

It is a relationship that can be quite profound, either positively or negatively.

How much will depend on a whole set of variables outside the scope of this book.

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