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29-Oct-2017 21:18

The field for the NCAA tournament has now officially been set in stone, and many people are scrambling to fill out their brackets.

While this will be entertaining for a while, many viewers will be looking for some solace after their brackets go up in flames.

How the hell do they let this happen in Tallahassee?

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I do however endorse a chick finding good looking cheerleaders for us to see. If anyone wants to seeeee pictures of Windys GF I’m happy to supply.

Ky girls are too classy to have too many of those floating around.

It became a legend at the Monte Carlo, so much so that the French DQed 1st 2nd and 3rd place winners ( the minis) in 1966 on a technicality regarding the headlight bulbs, all because they were sick of losing to the little british car. Is it more than a coincidence that it’s coming from a link you posted? That was just the only site I could find with risqué pics of Kentucky cheerleaders.

So let's post only pictures and comments that are respectful to them and their amazing skills.

And please post only pictures of real college cheerleaders in their traditional uniforms. We want images of male or female college cheerleaders in traditional uniform only. We don't want the most pictures of college cheerleaders, just the best.

And we are looking for images of college cheerleaders in uniform only. So please keep all images and comments respectful to the athletes and the sport. This is a site that pays tribute to college cheerleaders.

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