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My Cber Twin was acquired by IBM back in the spring of this year.Chatbots4u is still up and running, but a quick look at their website has me wondering what direction they’re heading in.Extreme time pressures will often be placed on you to produce more nude images or videos.You should never respond to these threats or share more photos.It is often quite difficult to recognize that you are being groomed because the adult may initially make you feel happy, in order to get you to trust them. Your relationship may develop very quickly over a matter of weeks or you may be in contact for a number of months or years before being asked to engage in any sexual acts with the person online or in real life. If you are contacted by someone you don’t know online, they may not be who they say they are and could be a lot older than they are telling you.Some of the signs that the person you are talking to may be attempting to groom you are that they: Sexting is another term for taking ‘indecent’ pictures of yourself and either sending them to your boyfriend, girlfriend or someone else online, or posting them on a social networking or other online platform.

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For example, you may be asked to send nude images of yourself and/or meet up with the person in real life to have sex.If possible, try and record as much information about the event as this will help others take action against the individual to protect yourself – e.g. You can also report what has happened to the online platform on which you are chatting via their Safety Centre (if they have one), or the ‘Report Abuse’ button on this site which will send an online report to the police. If you see something online that you think could be a sexual image or video of a child, you should tell a trusted adult such as a parent, carer or teacher, straight away as that child may be in danger.Even if you are not sure, it is best to speak to someone who can help. Everything you share or post online – whether that be images, videos or profile information – makes up your digital footprint and can be used by strangers to identify and even locate you but also make unwelcome contact with you.Remember, once you share you lose that control and are consenting to making your information and content public.

In February of 2013, I wrote a blog post about how to create a virtual agent / intelligent assistant for your business.

If you wouldn’t show your family or friends the image, then you shouldn’t share it online with people you do not know.