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Screen Updating = False ' Clear the color of all the cells Cells. Color Index = 0 ' Highlight the active cell Target. Private Sub Worksheet_Selection Change(By Val Target As Range) On Error Resume Next Application. Screen Updating = False ' Clear the color of all the cells Cells. First of all, try to challenge your own way of solving problems.Sometimes you might find quicker, more efficient algorithms.When you looking at a large worksheet with numerous data, it would be nice if Excel automatically highlighted the active cell row and column so that you can easily read the data to avoid misreading them.

This is especially important when your financial model might be adjusted by someone else or when it is used by someone not familiar with VBA or your code.

Address 'Step 3: Pass the range string to a Range Range(str Range).

For more complex financial models, macro can become an integral part of the calculations.

Letting them operate can slow down the work - in extreme cases up to hours.

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This article explains ways to speed up your macros.

Including just one type definition in one row of declarations is the typical mistake: While you would think that all three variables a, b and c are declared as Integer, in fact, only c is!

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